creative, digital, strategy

We do digital creativity and digital strategies that deliver results. We like to challenge digital thinking in traditional markets, with the right amount of innovative flair. We’re all types of crazy, and the best kind of dedicated. We are jolly good, in every sense of the word.


creative, digital, strategy

We do digital creativity and digital strategies that deliver results. We like to challenge digital thinking in traditional markets, with the right amount of innovative flair. We’re all types of crazy, and the best kind of dedicated. We are jolly good, in every sense of the word.


We leave out advertising jargon...

and don’t talk in circles about everything that we offer. We talk to you in a way that you can understand the relevance of digital, and how best it can be done. We have a genuine passion for online communications and believe that what really matters are the stories you have to tell.

We know that when you try to do everything, you end up doing nothing. The real art comes from focusing on one goal and achieving it before tackling the next. We don’t just want to be the best at what we do, we want to be the only ones who do it best.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t come across tonnes of hilarious and distracting cat videos online, everyday. Which is why, at jolly good we know that if you want to get your brand story into the online world it needs to be reliable, honest and ethical with a pinch of entertainment. We've been building audiences online for a while now and we have learned that quality, content-driven social communications is the best way to build relationships for our clients with their digital customers.


our clients

our clients


Let the numbers do the talking.

We help all our clients both local and international to get the best value out of all the available social channels, learning, adapting and building in the process. We work with big international brands as well as small local start-ups. We're completely independent, opinionated and unable to lie about how good we are at what we do – because the data and statistics will always tell the truth about how well we're doing.

Cartrack: We developed the full digital strategy and social execution for Cartrack - building their digital audience from less than 100 to over 6000 individuals within 6 months to well over 70 000 today. Cartrack's long term investment in digital audience has built traffic to a point where their website is now delivering thousands of genuine leads and hundreds of new product sales a month. We work-shopped and co-developed the digital strategy to launch a new type of charity funding platform ... one that is supported by a life insurance company. We conceptualised the launch campaign with a social media donation mechanism that gave away thousands of rands to worthy causes while still building audience that is interested in insurance products.

Montego Pet Nutrition: We grew the online audience by more than 65% in less than 6 months for Montego Pet Nutrition (without sneaky paid for promotion) to a point where we are able to dominate all the local manufacturers on social engagement, as well as international brands in the same category. We also developed YouTube engagement strategies where we linked up with pet shelters and delivered over 10 000 video views in less than a week without paying a cent to Google.

Fedhealth: We developed and implemented a full digital strategy for Fedhealth which included the first live chat service offered in South Africa by a medical aid that rapidly increased individual sales leads into to Fedhealth by 20% over a 4 month period. On the back of our content based strategy they're now on the front page of organic Google search and growing in members.

Last Lions: The Last Lions Facebook page has grown into a hub of big cat conservation messaging with over 70 000 fans and engagement that dominates any of their competitors film titles. We've also helped to build up their instagram channels tripling audience in less than 6 months to over 80 000 followers. Today we manage 14 of their digital channels and an audience of 250 000 people

Last Lions instagram feed

Last Lions instagram feed

Vote for Pets plugin feature on 10&5

Vote for Pets plugin feature on 10&5

Earned digital PR for Montego Pet Nutrition

Earned digital PR for Montego Pet Nutrition

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service offering

service offering

We challenge digital thinking in traditional markets, pushing the right boundaries to achieve the best. Because of this we consult directly to both corporates and agencies on digital content, strategies and campaigns.

Digital asset creation:

Conceptualising creative applications of digital strategy

Design, user testing, wireframing and site navigation

Websites on a variety of platforms and programming languages

Web hosting and domain registration

Mobile optimisation

Video text and image for web

Applications for iDevices, Androids etc.

Website audits and analysis


Digital Marketing:

Content driven search engine optimisation

Traditional SEO

YouTube strategic marketing

Content promotion strategies

Facebook advertising

Google Adwords

Social media promotions

Cross platform distribution

Large scale paid for media purchasing

Hyper-localised search strategies

Creative digital strategy:

Unique digital ideas and creative application of strategy

Research and auditing of existing online assets

Understanding audience behavior

Analysis of client/customer needs

Determining goals, KPI's and benchmarking

Digital integration with core business objectives

Setting digital communication objectives

Managing teams of content creators and aggregators

Pitching digital to clients, presentation documents

Trends and news monitoring


Social Media:

Social content specialists

Engagement strategies using all available social channels

Finding online communities and niche audiences

Online personality development

Social policy development

Conflict resolution and escalation

Quality control for all types of content

Training of in-house social media resources