I was fortunate enough to spend two days with the brains behind Jolly Good. The school I attend gave us a job shadow project where we were required to choose two people to follow around, helping where we can and getting a better understanding about they do and what it's like to be out in the working world. I'm very thankful to have been given the opportunity to do one of my job shadows here. 

In the beginning I was not sure what to expect, but when I first got here I was simply blown away. The first thing I noticed was that their office was so organized, and immediately I felt as if I was in a positive working environment. I was so nervous to meet the rest of the team as I was job shadowing Dayna, the Digital Copywriter - but my nervousness decreased once I met Brian Palmer, or better yet "The big cheese". At first it took me a while to add all the pieces together, that he was indeed the boss man because he was so welcoming and friendly that I honestly thought he was one of Dayna's colleagues. He came in with a presence of "jolliness", with his blue sneakers and cracking jokes.

Then came Jana, the friendliest and possibly the funniest person you'd ever meet. When Jana came in, my nervousness completely disappeared. I felt oddly comfortable around all of them because the way they interacted with each other reminded me so much of a family. We started the day off with getting their regular "caffeine fix" from Deluxe. When we got back to the office it was time to sit down and get cracking. The three of them work like a well oiled machine. It was oddly quiet, but it made sense because they were all so focused on what they were doing, that's what I would call a hard-working and determined team. They held a brief meeting where they discussed deadlines and provided feedback on their current projects. This was a great experience because it showed their organization skills and work ethic. I was even given something to do which was rather exciting for me. I'd say that working with the three of them was interesting, but in the most awesome way.

All in all, my days spent at the company were insightful and enjoyable. I learnt important skills and gained more knowledge that I could use in the future, as I venture out into the exciting world of adulthood. I came here not knowing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, whether it be studying or not - but being with this family made me realize that this could possibly be what I want to do, and I couldn't have made this discovery if it wasn't for their help and expertise.

Jodi Louis