In digital agency life, finding a job you enjoy is more rare than finding someone you actually want to marry. I suppose that’s why reactions like “what, how, huh, I don’t understand” come from people after we say “I love my job”. Jolly Good is all about making the best of the place we spend 8 hours of our day, because what’s the point if it’s anything less?

In our team, amongst others we have one inappropriate Englishman, a Abba loving businesswoman, a blonde who laughs like a hyena, an Afrikaans coding genius, a conservationist, a fashionista and a pierced, tattooed little person. We are so diverse that we wanted our new name to reflect exactly who we are.

Jolly Good has become our go-to term when great things or strange things happen around the office.

We live by non-judgment, and love coming into an office full of weekend stories and laughter. If you like hardworking, life-loving humans who are infused with digital creativity and interesting ideas, we could be best friends.